Recap: Pow! Wow! Hawaii 2015

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Tristan and Matt Eaton

Last week, from February 9th through 14th, artists from all over the world gathered once again in Honolulu for the 5th annual Pow! Wow! Hawaii mural festival. This year’s festival was the biggest to date, with 42 visiting artists and 39 local artists all busting out walls in Kaka’ako (the festival hub) and around the city. The week was a convergence of varying cultures and artistic styles, resulting in many exciting collaborations —some planned and others spontaneous.

Recognizable names from divergent corners of the art world like James Jean, Tristan Eaton, Saber MSK, Doze Green and Maya Hayuk each created their own buzz, drawing crowds to their walls throughout the week as they delivered their signature styles. This year also featured strong representation from female artists, which has been slim in the past. Natalia Rak, Olek, Tatiana Suarez, Fafi and Hueman all broke up the boys club with some of the most stunning works of the week. Many artists brought their paintings off the wall as well, creating installations like Kozyndan’s wooden photo prop and Fafi’s flowery fence installation.

The week finished off with an exciting Secret Walls 90-minute live painting battle featuring many off-the-roster artists like Cara Toes, Lauren YS and Boy Kong. (Those artists were eventually invited onto a wall by Woes and Nosego at the Pow! Wow! head quarters, Lana Lane studios.) Many of the artists —like the incredibly detailed Aaron Horkey— still hadn’t finished painting by that rowdy climax, and continued working through the weekend. The extended efforts were a testament to the ambitious enormity of the event, nearly bursting at the seams due to the combined energy and enthusiasm of its roster of internationally recognized talent.

All photos taken by the author exclusively for Hi-Fructose unless otherwise noted.


Bezt (left) and Sainer (right)

Caratoes during the Secret Walls painting battle

Case and Smithe, photo courtesy of Street Candy

Doze Green


Esao Andrews and Aaron Horkey


James Jean, photo courtesy of Street Candy

James Jean, photo courtesy of Street Candy

Lauren YS

Maya Hayuk

Natalia Rak



Angry Woebots and Nosego

Angry Woebots, Nosego, Sainer, Boy Kong, Lauren YS, Caratoes, photo courtesy of Street Candy

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