Preview: “Foundation” Group Show at Marcas Contemporary Art

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Jeff Mcmillan

Opening tomorrow at Marcas Contemporary Art, “Foundation” is a group show that celebrates the part of an image rarely seen or appreciated. The gallery invited New contemporary artists to elevate the unished aspects of their art, including Jeff McMillan, Kevin Peterson, Steven Daily, Bob Dob, Jasmine Worth, Jason Limon, Thomas Garner, and Jamie Schene to name a few. Fundamentally speaking, ‘foundation’ refers to a finished paintings’ under painting method, monochromatic umber or “dead color”. Each applied layer facilitates the next layer. Their techniques combine Flemish, Baroque, and Dutch master influences. By revealing the bare bones structure of the painting, viewers are given a better understanding of the processes behind these mastered techniques. Co curator and contributing artist, Steven Daily, shares, “Sometimes I like the underpainting better than the finished product. The foundation of a work is just as important as the finished result.”

“Foundation” opens on October 4th, at Marcas Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, CA.

Thomas Garner

Steven Daily

Jasmine Worth

Jamie Schene

Julia Sonmi Heglund

Jason Limon

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