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Marcas Contemporary Art gallery in Santa Ana, CA is currently showing conceptual new pieces from their growing roster of fine artists. "Pardon My French", curated by local artist Tomi Monstre, is designed to create a single narrative through a variety of styles, which incorporate painting, photography, sculpture, and paper-cut works. This includes dreamy contributions shown below by sculptor Gosia, Christine Wu, Stephanie Inagaki, Korin Faught, Tara McPherson, Polly Pardo, Danni Shinya Luo, and others. They are donating a portion of their sales to the organization Inspire Artistic Minds, which provides scholarships and education to advance the arts in the areas of taste, sight and sound, with a focus on the food industry.
Opening tomorrow at Marcas Contemporary Art, "Foundation" is a group show that celebrates the part of an image rarely seen or appreciated. The gallery invited New contemporary artists to elevate the unished aspects of their art, including Jeff McMillan, Kevin Peterson, Steven Daily, Bob Dob, Jasmine Worth, Jason Limon, Thomas Garner, and Jamie Schene to name a few. By revealing the bare bones structure of the painting, viewers are given a better understanding of the processes behind these mastered techniques.
Closing this week at Marcas Contemporary Art, "Smoke & Mirrors" (previewed here) highlights largely figurative works and portraits whose subjects appear in a dreamlike state. Generally, "Smoke and Mirrors" refers to where magicians make objects appear or disappear with mirrors amid a distracting burst of smoke. Although there is unity in the approach, this is an exhibition that embraces diversity. As the name suggests, there's an otherworldly, sometimes "magical" quality to the artwork.
When we visited Karen Hsiao and Dan Quintana in their Los Angeles studio last month, they were hard at work on their collaborative show, “Perverse Foil”. It is a project that have been brainstorming about since 2009. On Saturday, they finally celebrated the opening at Marcas Contemporary Art in Santa Ana. At the event, attendees were treated to a live reenactment of their collaboration through a photoshoot by Hsiao in front of a backdrop by Quintana. She compliments Quintana’s surreal world with new black and white photographs and notably, her first figurative oil paintings and graphite.
The brain child of artist Steven Daily and curator Dana Jazayeri, Marcas Contemporary Art is a brand-new art space in Santa Ana, CA gearing up for their inaugural show, "Corrective Course." While LA usually gets all the shine in the Southern California art scene, Daily says that he is excited about the burgeoning Santa Ana creative sphere. The show will feature some of the big names and emerging artists-to-watch in street art, Pop Surrealism, illustration and more, including Ben Eine, Dan Quintana, Travis Louie (cover artist of our latest issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 32), Sylvia Ji, Ekundayo and many others. Take a look at our preview of the exhibition before the gallery opens its doors for the first time tomorrow, July 5.

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