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Christine Wu's oil paintings feature multi-layered images of figures with haunting and sensual undertones, often reminiscent of double-exposure photography. She likens the people that she paints to apparitions, displaying a sort of uneasy flux about them and evoking a sense of nostalgia for distant memories. When we last caught up with her, Wu explained, "The concept behind the work is a variation of the ideas that appear throughout my paintings: the feeling of or search for transcendence." Since then, Wu has moved from Los Angeles to Brooklyn, New York, where she has been busy working on her latest body of work that debuted over the weekend at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles.
Closing this weekend is La Luz de Jesus gallery's juried show, "Laluzapalooza", which sets out to find and highlight new names from the LA art scene each year. Since the '80s, this exhibition has seen several iterations and thousands of submissions spanning kitsch to pop culture and La Luz's claim to fame, Pop Surrealism. This year's installment is as eclectic as ever with a focus on labor-intensive work of all mediums. Take a look at our photos from the show after the jump!

On January 10th, "Feral Creatures" curator Stefanie Chefas will bring a new crop of artists to Modern Eden Gallery with "Platinum Blend". The title refers to each artist's ability to 'blend' different styles in a way that feels consistent throughout their careers, and amongst eachother. This includes artists Mel Kadel, Jana Brike, Deedee Cheriel, Brian Donnelly, Christine Wu, Zoë Williams, and Henrik Aa. Uldalen, featured here.

Marcas Contemporary Art gallery in Santa Ana, CA is currently showing conceptual new pieces from their growing roster of fine artists. "Pardon My French", curated by local artist Tomi Monstre, is designed to create a single narrative through a variety of styles, which incorporate painting, photography, sculpture, and paper-cut works. This includes dreamy contributions shown below by sculptor Gosia, Christine Wu, Stephanie Inagaki, Korin Faught, Tara McPherson, Polly Pardo, Danni Shinya Luo, and others. They are donating a portion of their sales to the organization Inspire Artistic Minds, which provides scholarships and education to advance the arts in the areas of taste, sight and sound, with a focus on the food industry.
Christine Wu's (covered here) art draws emotional tension from its soft, tonal palette and sketchy layers. She guides the viewer's eye with detailed points of interest and spots of colored light. Fundamentally, warm light might imply comfort, cheerful emotions, while cool hues imply something more mysterious. Wu intentionally manipulates the light and color of a scene to achieve a variety of effects. Her next series of paintings is inspired by morning light. She will exhibit these with Kyle Stewart, Hannah Yata, and Melissa Haslam at Parlor Gallery, opening September 13th. We visited her new studio in Los Angeles for a preview.

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