On View: “Seasons Change” by Chris B. Murray at La Luz de Jesus

by CaroPosted on

Nothing ever remains the same. That is the theme of “Seasons Change”, a new body of work by Philadelphia based artist Chris B. Murray (previously featured here) on view at La Luz de Jesus gallery. Murray’s style lies in his eclectic creative influence and color palette. Never predictable, Murray is always testing his own personal boundaries. “If change or growth doesn’t take place than it dies,” Murray shares. “To be alive and to truly experience life as it’s meant to be experienced I feel that people must always challenge themselves and evaluate their choices and how they affect people and their surroundings.”

The time inbetween seasons of winter, spring and boiling hot summer is represented in the settings of his new narrative. Previously, Murray has used recurring elements of human subjects and hunting way of life. For this exhibition, we seem to follow a huntress throughout her year long excursion. At the center is “First Step”, a hot-colored illustration of her enthroned on a melting cube of dead animals. This piece is flanked by mixed media on paper drawings of her kills. Murray’s drawing “Hatched” depicts her peering through a twisted winter branch as birds prepare for spring. This sense of doom and femininity is complimented by the surreal deities of Jasmine’s Worth’s “Sacred Femnine” on the opposite wall.

“Seasons Change” by Chris Murray exhibits at La Luz de Jesus gallery from June 6 to 29, 2014.

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