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Jasmine Worth uses religious iconography to recall and challenge the role women have played in historical narratives. Her contemplative new paintings are featured in the show “Future Past” at La Luz De Jesus Gallery. The show starts today and runs through July 1 at the Los Angeles space. Worth was last mentioned on here.

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San Diego-based painter Jasmine Worth blends gloomy surrealism and religious iconography in her oil paintings. In her newest show at La Luz De Jesus in Los Angeles, the artist evolves this mix, with works that move between meditations on symbology and females of the cloth. Worth was last featured on here, and you can find the artist on Instagram here. The show runs through Aug. 28.

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Tomorrow night, Chet Zar’s “The Demon Show” and Jasmine Worth’s “Dark Night of the Soul” side by side solo shows are opening at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. Both shows will be on view May 23rd through July 3rd, 2015. In “Dark Night of the Soul”, Worth explores the act of transformation through suffering. Inspired by both the occult and female experience, the artist utilizes meticulous layering techniques to craft scenes from fairytales gone awry, swirling seamlessly between the sweet and the morbid. With “The Demon Show,” Zar’s subject matter is surreal and darkly humorous yet genuine in its existence, often revealing humankind at its barest form.

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Nothing ever remains the same. That is the theme of “Seasons Change”, a new body of work by Philadelphia based artist Chris B. Murray (previously featured here) on view at La Luz de Jesus gallery. Murray’s style lies in his eclectic creative influence and color palette. Never predictable, Murray is always testing his own personal boundaries. “If change or growth doesn’t take place than it dies,” Murray shares. “To be alive and to truly experience life as it’s meant to be experienced I feel that people must always challenge themselves and evaluate their choices and how they affect people and their surroundings.” Read more after the jump.