Preview: Troy Lovegates’s “Clutter” at Needles and Pens

by Max KauffmanPosted on

Opening tonight at San Francisco’s Needles and Pens is “Clutter,” a solo exhibition by Troy Lovegates aka OTHER. “Clutter” is a selection of assorted work created in his new California home and along his journeys. A frequent traveller, Lovegates paints and draws the people he encounters. Elegant old men and women who live simpler lives pervade his work with tidbits of his own doodles, resulting in a beautiful stew of life on the road. Recently relocated to the Bay Area, Lovegates now draws inspiration from the people in his neighborhood, the eclectic and gritty Tenderloin.

For this show, Lovegates unveils new drawings, paintings, sculptures and prints. His sculptural work is a fresh development refined over the last year. His people of the road are shown stretched out napping in boats and perched on stumps, perhaps as they appear when he crosses their paths. When we met with the artist, he related a great story about whittling in a park and being mistakenly accused of creating counterfeit passports — how the Tenderloin police could believe a man could craft passports out of wood is an intriguing riddle.

“Clutter” opens Friday June 6 and runs through August 3. For more information visit Needles and Pens and to see more of Troy’s work visit his Flickr page.

Mural in progress at Needles and Pens.

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