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Author: Max Kauffman

Opening tonight at San Francisco's Needles and Pens is "Clutter," a solo exhibition by Troy Lovegates aka OTHER. "Clutter" is a selection of assorted work created in his new California home and along his journeys. A frequent traveller, Lovegates paints and draws the people he encounters. Elegant old men and women who live simpler lives pervade his work with tidbits of his own doodles, resulting in a beautiful stew of life on the road. Recently relocated to the Bay Area, Lovegates now draws inspiration from the people in his neighborhood, the eclectic and gritty Tenderloin.
Entering its 8th year, Fountain has sometimes been considered the more punk rock of the art fairs. Initially because of the raucous parties and later hours, the fair has has embraced this aesthetic by showing a collection of riskier work and new faces from across the globe. In their words, Fountain is "the foundation upon which a whole generation of working artists and galleries are able to engage the global art market on their own terms." There was strong sculptural work and a focus on Asian artists throughout. Going along with the unique work displayed, the fair took place during Armory Week in a beautiful armory of its own at Lexington and 26th st. Check out some highlights after the jump.
This Saturday, May 18, Jonathan LeVine Gallery will present a new body of work from Souther Salazar titled "Souvenirs." In his paintings and drawings, Salazar tells stories of magic places. These places are peaceful, and the denizens of the different areas play nicely together. They wander through this world and into the next by way of portals and secret passages located within the landscape. Throughout all of it, there is whimsy, adventure and a sense of exploration. Read more about Souther Salazar's new work in our exclusive interview after the jump!
For their upcoming show opening April 5, Black Book Gallery in Denver went a touch above and beyond. "Knock it Out" will feature a whopping number of artists in the upper echelon reaches of the pop surrealist, graffiti and new contemporary art world who have joined forces to help patients and families facing cancer. Best of all, the show benefits the non-profit Love Hope Strength Foundation and is a tribute to victims of the devastating disease and their loved ones. Take a look after the jump, and help out a good cause next Friday.
Cannon Dill resides in the basement of an unassuming west Oakland house. His neighbors are old buildings and a long vacant, train station. Perfect bedfellows for his work. Hi-Fructose visited with the young artist as he prepares for his first solo show in April. Perhaps Dill is a new name to readers of the magazine, but residents of the Bay Area will instantly recognize his animal compatriots from his murals and street art, particularly his wolves. Take a look at some exclusive images from our studio visit after the jump!
Michael Hsiung recently opened his first solo show in Los Angeles. "So Far, So Good, So What" opened at the beginning of February at THIS Los Angeles (co-founded by the late curator Justin Van Hoy). For those unfamiliar, Michael has been creating delightful bearded gents, skateboarding unicorns and various people of the sea (but dudes only) for the last 8-9 years. Featuring over 75 new drawings and some sculptural work, the show was eagerly received by denizens of LA. Take a look at some photos Michael provided after the jump. Get stoked! To see more work from the show please visit the show's Flickr.
Real world got you down? Internet not providing the ephemeral kicks it once did? Turn to Cuttytown, for a fresh look on the everyday. A gorgeous blue collar sensibility awaits you beyond its whittled gates. Over the years, Jaime Molina has created a fictional burg full of a revolving set of characters. Working initially with printmaking moving into painting and, in recent years, sculpture, Jaime tells the tales of this little town. These mammals represent to varying degrees his family and friends. They also portray people and their habits in general — A loose play on our own existence. Read more after the jump!
Ryan Bubnis is a mark maker hailing from Portland, OR. He produces work in a range of media and expressions including paintings, drawings, zines, illustrations and sculptures. Bubnis calls his work "urban folk" which perfectly conveys his feel. His work speaks of the connectiveness of all things, that deep down, we're all closer than we realize. Artist Michael Sieben's son helped further illustrate this point — Ryan's was the first art he responded to. "I'd pick him up and show him the sculpture and he'd get the biggest smile every time. He (our son) has good taste." Read more after the jump!
This Saturday, Portland will see the opening of a new body of sculptural work from Joe Shea at Springbox Gallery. With a spacious room at his disposal, Joe will be showing large sculptural works and an installation. Working with found objects, wood, clay and, as he puts it, "lost cultural icons," Joe crafts etheral figures. New life is brought into these objects that some may regard as unusable or trash to some. Castoffs. To Joe they are precious things, already imbued with spirit from past existence. His figures seem anonymous, each one a moment in time, captured. There is a delicate quality inherent — the feeling that a slight whisp of wind, a whisper, could return these individuals to the base elements they are meticulously created from. Golems of the mind... Read more after the jump!

Ravi Zupa has been a household name in the Denver arts community for some time, a reputation that will soon hopefully apply on a larger scale, with his first solo show overseas. Taking place at Outsiders the show is entitled "Nothing Changes Needs" and will feature drawings and paintings that echo Europe's dark ages, a layering method that showcases Japanese, German, and Indian styles of printmaking, and hints of more modern revolution. Throughout all of which, Ravi creates a distinctive world blending meditative practice and angry, raw reprisal. I sat down with Mr Zupa, via internet and then in his studio, to ask him some questions. - Max Kauffman

Dennis Hayes IV recently opened a new solo show in his hometown of Detroit-his first in several years. Entitled ‘Polarity and the Space Between’ this body of work sees a slight shift in subject matter, and a huge leap in meaning and personal messages. His birds have ‘migrated’ and their homes and territory are explored both in new contexts and a furthering of his propensity for found object. In his words "this latest work presents hybridizations of our natural and constructed environments. These structures, patterns, and forms symbolize the tension and attraction of interpersonal relations and personal growth." Max Kauffman interviews the artist after the jump.

Seattle based artist Parskid (HF Vol. 5) recently visited Denver for a show at Indy Ink. The show consisted of a few of his trademark figures, rising from ethereal mists and delicately rendered. His palette, a unique mix of vivid neon and natural earth tones of spraypaint, echoes the mood he crafts.Of note, some newer pieces showed more focus on the environments around his characters,with the figures becoming even more ghostly and slowly fading into the natural world around them. Bluntly Parksid says he is 'trying to kill them off'. The new work shines, with haunting mountains and forestsof a black metal landscape that though dark, have an immense beauty to them. While in town Parskid also painted a mural in front of local coffee shop Crema- a welcome addition to the neighborhood and rumor is that he's coming back for another one! Denver will be waiting patiently. - Max Kauffman

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