Optical Illusion with a Message by Jeroen Bisscheroux

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Amsterdam based artist Jeroen Bisscheroux creates optical illusions that bend the mind. His installations over the past decade transcend the limitation of what is physically possible with imagination. In reality, his work exists on a flat plane, but from the right perspective is like a portal to another dimension. Jeroen’s inspiration is the urban space- taking the world around us and putting it into the context of interactive art with a humanitarian message. Each piece is specific to the location where it is presented. His 2009 project POOL, created for display in Weeze, was full of life and inviting, clear blue water.  It reappears destroyed in POOL, Loss of Color now in Osaka, Japan. Should you decide to jump in, you will be shocked to discover a printed image on carpet. (This reaction recalls the public ‘pool’ of Leandro Erlich, featured here.) However, Jeroen’s pool is more than just a trick of the eye. It represents the depth of the recent tragedies in Japan, the Sendai tsunami and resulting Fukushima nuclear disaster. Jeroen hopes to bring these issues back to light as they continue to affect people and serve as a reminder to protect our precious Earth.

POOL (2009)

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