The Video Paintings of Federico Solmi

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In Federico Solmi’s “video paintings,” the artist’s electrifying style comes to life, as he scans his paintings into a game engine. During Armory Show’s 2019 edition, these particular works garnered much attention from passers-by who gravitated toward his political works. The artist’s practice also includes acrylic painting, gold and silver leaf, and other materials.

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Ronald Feldman Gallery presents Federico Solmi’s Counterfeit Heroes as their 2019 Armory Show presentation. . Federico Solmi (Italy, 1973) is a multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Solmi’s work investigates the contradictions and inaccuracies of historical narratives that have led society to a chaotic era of misinformation in which the reality of media, celebrity, popular culture and consumerism in Western civilization establish an extreme and absurd world characterized by corruption, and hypocrisy. . Federico Solmi The Grand Masquerade, 2018 Video Painting: Acrylic paint, gold leaf, and silver leaf on plexiglass, LED screen, video loop 48 x 96 inches Courtesy the artist and Ronald Feldman Gallery, New York . #rfg #feldmangallery #federicosolmi #thearmoryshow2019 #armoryshow25 #madeinnyc #upcomingexhibition #videoart #animation #animationart #vr #thingstodonyc @federico_solmi @thearmoryshow

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“Solmi exploits emerging technologies to reveal the hypocrisies in contemporary society, making art with political and social commentary as a means to disrupt the power structure of our technological age,” the Italian artist’s site says. “ … Solmi confronts the audience with his own absurd rewriting of past and present-day events. Solmi stages a virtual world where our leaders become puppets, animated by computer scripts rather than strings.”

See more of his works below.

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