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Minsk, the capital of Belarus, was recently taken over by street art festival Urban Myths. For this festival, artists had to explore the city for three days, plunge into the city’s atmosphere and then create original paintings based on urban folklore. After studying the locals and their traditions, British-Australian artist Guido Van Helten chose to paint a girl dressed in an embroidered red and white shirt. The red and white embroidery is a part of Eastern Europe culture, as it appears in Belarus's national flag as well as in the citizen's everyday clothing.
Traditional quilting meets a unconventional use of textile art in San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles' upcoming exhibition, "Found/Made." Curated by Roderick Kiracofe, the exhibit brings together quilts of historic and unknown origin with those by contemporary artists, including Ben Venom (covered here), Clay Lohmann, Joe Cunningham, Luke Haynes, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Sarah Nishiura, and Theresa May. Their works match their predecessors' classic techniques, but depart to tell a modern narrative.

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