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Though Alex Kuno’s current work is still brimming with fairytale imagery and carries both a grim and satirical mythology, these new mixed-media pieces offer a decidedly frenzied, more toiled spin. These works take the familiar children and beasts and expose their innards, a blend of seemingly floral and unsettling organic matter. With Kuno’s playful vibrancy, each exposed being is more absorbing than repelling. Kuno was last featured on here.

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The materials of Atsuko Goto’s otherworldy paintings are as intriguing as her subject matter. Her pigments are made from semi-precious Lapis-lazuli and gum arabic, which helps her create her hazy, subdued palette. While decidedly dark, there is a softness in her portrayal of ethereal beauties, loosely based on Izanami-no-Mikoto or the goddess of creation and death.