Otherworldly Mixed Media Works by Japanese Artist Atsuko Goto

by CaroPosted on

The materials of Atsuko Goto’s otherworldy paintings are as intriguing as her subject matter. Her pigments are made from semi-precious Lapis-lazuli and gum arabic, which helps her create her hazy, subdued palette. While decidedly dark, there is a softness in her portrayal of ethereal beauties, loosely based on Izanami-no-Mikoto or the goddess of creation and death. One of the main beliefs of the Japanese Shinto religion is that nature is alive and populated by spirits. Goto’s are one with nature around them; their nest of long, flowing hair made of foliage attracts creatures of life, birds and butterflies, and decay wherever they go. An emerging name in Tokyo, Japan, she has only recently exhibited abroad at galleries like Rotofugi and coming up, Art Stage Singapore 2015. Check out some of Atsuko Goto’s most recent paintings below.

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