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Though Alex Kuno’s current work is still brimming with fairytale imagery and carries both a grim and satirical mythology, these new mixed-media pieces offer a decidedly frenzied, more toiled spin. These works take the familiar children and beasts and expose their innards, a blend of seemingly floral and unsettling organic matter. With Kuno’s playful vibrancy, each exposed being is more absorbing than repelling. Kuno was last featured on here.
Minnesota based artist Alex Kuno best describes his work's narratives as apocalyptic, satiric fairytales. His mixed media illustrations are as dark as they are whimsical, following deranged subjects, often children, rendered in acrylics, graphite, chalk, ink, ballpoint pens and crayons on pine boards. His early series, after which he named his website, calls this world the "The Miscreants of Tiny Town", inhabited by lost orphans looking for a home in an endless, foreboding landscape that has as much personality as its characters. Though nightmarish, there's also a sense of romance in his young subjects' undying desire to eke out a better existence for themselves. A story about romance is at the heart of Kuno's latest series debuting on Valentine's Day at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome.

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