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Tag: dystopia

New york-based Dominican artist Samuel Gomez (first featured here) creates enormous detailed renderings with a steam-punk aesthetic. Using graphite and ink, Gomez's work offers a glimpse into a mysterious dystopian society dominated by machinery. His drawings are particularly well known for their impressive larger than life size, with some pieces measuring up to 18 feet long. His latest pieces, titled "Decrypted Savants" and "Oasis" will be revealed on July 31st at Mike Wright Gallery in Denver.
London based photo-collage artist Jess Littlewood takes us into a spacey alternate dimension. These prismatic future worlds, dotted with geodomes, are her vision of a failed Utopia that is perpetually doomed. Littlewood's images are the result of built up layers of found images which she exhaustively archives. Alien crafts and upside-down pyramids hover in forboding skies overhead and forests burn in the background, while abandoned landscapes show little sign of survival below.
Idyllic paintings of daily life set centuries ago are spliced with a dystopian sci-fi fantasy in German artist Jakub Rozalski's work. Nostalgic elements clash with futuristic ones as giant robots invade the European countryside. Soldiers, armed with rifles and on horseback, are powerless against the mechanical beasts. Unlike much sci-fi inspired work, Rozalski's paintings have a painterly quality to them that evokes the loose expressiveness of Impressionism. He convincingly inserts the robots into scenes that would otherwise appear straight out of the late 19th or early 20th century, inviting viewers to imagine a starkly different version of history than the one we know today.

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