David Henry Brown Jr.’s New, Elaborate ‘Resemblages’

by Andy SmithPosted on

David Henry Brown Jr. has garnered attention in recent years for “Resemblage” selfies as “David Henry Nobody Jr.,” blending collage and sculpture with his face as a canvas. He was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 43, and since then, these works have evolved and become more and more elaborate. Recent video versions of this series reflect this in the most visceral sense.

The artist offers some insight into this series: “David Nobody’s immersion into this mental/emotional space of Resemblage stems from the still new medium of the internet, which gazes into us far more than we look into it (which is unprecedented) This new way of feeling is affecting how we see ourselves and each other through troubling and distorted political times. The work is as much a Sociological experiment as an expansion of what art can possibly become in the present and the future.”

See more of those recent “Resemblages” below.

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