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Denver’s Abend Gallery has a new show from a trio of painters from across the world. Works from Swedish figurative artist Benjamin Bjorklund, Detroit-based painter Felicia Forte, and Lindsey Kustusch of San Francisco comprise the show “On The Periphery,” which runs through Oct. 1 at the space. Though all artists use similar elements, each offers a distinct approach and vision of the world around them.
Swedish artist Benjamin Björklund lives a simple life in a farm house on Sweden's west coast and his oil and watercolor paintings reflect this life. His work usually portrays the people and animals that surround him, such as his dog, Solomon, and other pets like rabbits, pigs, and mice. He's also inspired by physical or emotional situations that he has experienced throughout his life; before becoming an artist, Björklund had a varied career working as a prison night guard, a psychiatric nurse, and a veterinary technician student. To look at Björklund's paintings feels like looking into a dream.

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