‘On The Periphery’ Spotlights Three Painters at Abend Gallery

by Andy SmithPosted on

Denver’s Abend Gallery has a new show from a trio of painters from across the world. Works from Swedish figurative artist Benjamin Bjorklund, Detroit-based painter Felicia Forte, and Lindsey Kustusch of San Francisco comprise the show “On The Periphery,” which runs through Oct. 1 at the space. Though all artists use similar elements, each offers a distinct approach and vision of the world around them.

Kustusch’s urban landscapes are rich in detail, meticulously crafted, and vivid in even its most downcast renderings of city alleys, streets, and storefronts. Her works are oil on panel. Forte’s oil works are decidedly sparser, with people and objects that seamlessly fade into abstract, hazy backdrops, stripped of specifics. Bjorklund creates in both oil painting and watercolors, with his obscured, eerie faces and animals absorbing viewers in selective detail. Each’s work moves between the serene and the ominous.

The gallery describes the show as “an exhibition of work from three distinctly unique, engaging artists whose work is so stylistically significant, it deserves a show of its own.” The opening reception for “On The Periphery” arrives Sept. 2 at the gallery (6 p.m.-9 p.m.).

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