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Thanatophobia, or the fear of death, is an ancient and primal phobia that Saddo confronts in his upcoming solo, "A Stranger in the Garden". Opening this Friday the 13th at BC Gallery, his exhibition showcases his largest, and most challenging works to date on canvas and paper. Human society has shared his fascination with death for centuries in a variety of ways whether through reverence to religious deities or cultural practice. With added personal motifs, Saddo portrays such subjects as Anubis, the Egyptian god of death, and Kālī, the Hindu goddess of death.
Andrea Wan contemplates the idea of fading youth and imminent mortality in her new series of ink and gouache paintings. Her solo show "Fleeting Seasons" is currently on view at BC Gallery in her home base of Berlin. The paintings in "Fleeting Seasons" feature hybridized figures — girls as islands whose bodies combine with nature and architecture. Each head and torso serves as a home to a host of strange, mysterious characters that appear to beckon the central, youthful protagonist into a world beyond. Anthropomorphic skeletons and loose eyeballs hint at life beyond the grave while jubilant butterflies and plants pull her back to the earthly kingdom. "Fleeting Seasons" is on view through February 28.
Currently on view at BC Gallery in Berlin, “VINCULO,” opened last Friday after the Argentinian artist JAZ (Franco Fasoli) completed his wildly affecting mural of a muscled, hunch-backed Minotaur crying out in what appears to be more likely help or defeat rather than glory. The two-story exhibition space is divided into two sections: in the basement, four-legged animals in various iterations – solo, running in packs, melded into a single abstract form – on blue backgrounds; and on the ground floor, larger-format paintings of ordinary men with animal heads fighting one another within the same monochrome settings.

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