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Franco Fasoli, also known as Jaz, is known for creating work that various wildly in scope, whether it’s his public murals or small bronze sculptures. In his gallery-friendly practice, his surreal examinations of the human condition and culture pack that humor and vibrancy in intimate doses.
Street artist and painter Franco Fasoli, aka JAZ, began his career in the late '90s, and has always been experimenting with new materials and media. He is primarily known for his large scale murals, featured here on our blog, which led him to finding new opportunities all over the world. JAZ credits his travels for his style of work, which is like a fusion of visual aesthetics and cultures. "My inspiration comes from Latin American cultures, and chaotic history, with images that overlap or confront different cultures," he says. His latest exhibition, "REMAINS", which opened last night at Elsi del Rio in Argentina, is a culmination of all of his recent experiences that inspire him for different reasons.
Currently on view at BC Gallery in Berlin, “VINCULO,” opened last Friday after the Argentinian artist JAZ (Franco Fasoli) completed his wildly affecting mural of a muscled, hunch-backed Minotaur crying out in what appears to be more likely help or defeat rather than glory. The two-story exhibition space is divided into two sections: in the basement, four-legged animals in various iterations – solo, running in packs, melded into a single abstract form – on blue backgrounds; and on the ground floor, larger-format paintings of ordinary men with animal heads fighting one another within the same monochrome settings.

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