The Recent Paintings of Lee Jinju

by Andy SmithPosted on

Lee Jinju’s riveting scenes, with cascading planes and perspectives, offer both intimate symbology and an invitation to draw your own associations. In some works, solitary figures inhabit these geometric confinements; elsewhere, the artist renders just enough objects to draw a viewer into its orbit.

“In line with traditional Korean painting techniques, Lee Jinju uses unbleached cotton, powdered pigments, and animal skin glue to create compositions of varying complexity and scale,” Triumph Gallery says. “The features of her artistic style include focus on light, details, and scale: from close view to bird’s eye view. ​ Each work rests on a sophisticated scenario: the artist makes drawings of her memories, pictures of everyday life, imaginary things, takes photos of personal and found objects — be it a twig, pebbles, glass balls, or a pair of compasses — and then sets up a composition. Lee Jinju starts with her personal narrative and gradually fills it with associations that interact with each other.”

See more of her work on her site.

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