The Fake Book Paintings of Anna Hoyle

by Andy SmithPosted on

Anna Hoyle’s paintings of fake but humorous books are full of self-deprecation and universal absurdities (like the plight of depending on an IKEA pencil). One of our favorite details on her gouache paintings are the price stickers, which can carry their own jokes on each piece.

“In 1991, I completed a suite of etchings and lithographs as part of my Bachelor of Education in Visual Arts that was inspired by car and panty liner advertising and chockas full of related text and lingo,” the artist says. “My acest-best first job was as a ticket writer, writing little signs for a chocolate company… and I fell in love with type, layout and the ‘look’ and rhythm of words. I kept making art and wondering how it all sat with my graphic, illustrative tendency and love of advertising and consumerism…Andy Warhol, Maira Kalmain, was that you I spotted in Smith st. in Melbourne? (no probably not) Why did I walk past you guys….?”

Find more on her site.

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