The Miniature Signs of Drew Leshko

by Andy SmithPosted on

Philadelphia’s Drew Leshko has been lauded for his miniatures depicting urban storefronts and objects, crafted in paper and wood. In the sculptor’s “Signs” series, in particular, we find the architecture of signage given an accurate and intimate portrayal. The artist recently shared some of those recent markers in a show with at Paradigm Gallery + Studio. (In 2016, we visited the artist’s studio, and you can find that story here.)

“In some of his building works, Leshko often includes the graffiti and tags that have become essential to a building’s personality and history,” the gallery said of his recent work. “For this exhibition, Leshko will be exhibiting works from his continuing series that archives hanging signs from specific Philly locations. In his piece, Tattooed Mom, Leshko used a 1:12 dollhouse scale to recreate each detail of the South Street-located sign.”

Find more work on Leshko’s site or Paradigm’s page for the artist.

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