The Wire Figures of Darius Hulea

by Andy SmithPosted on

Darius Hulea’s figures are forged in metal wire, yet carry a ghostly, apparating quality. The Romania-based artist depicts a range of figures, from Ferdinand I and violinst George Enesco to philosopher Mircea Eliade and sculptor Frederic Storck. The artist moves between differing types of metal, as well, including bronze, iron, steel, copper, and brass.

“The ‘characters’ of Darius Hulea, the bearers of the signs on the front, do not show a passion for glory and good name, nor for vanity and pride,” says Romania’s Elite Art Gallery, as translated. “Jealousy and jealousy, cruelty and treachery, wickedness and mockery do not live on them. They, like the sculptor himself, have lost neither their naivety nor their caring ability to admire. Through these ‘portraits’ Darius Hulea seems to have obtained a key of the beings with the help of which he manages to penetrate into their core of fire without getting lost in the vague and incomprehensible.”

Find more of the artist on his Instagram.

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