Insa’s New, App-Activated Murals

by Andy SmithPosted on

Insa recently crafted a mural that comes alive when viewed through his app, GIF-iti, for the D&AD design festival in London. Resembling a computer desktop, complete with the folders “Final Revision,” “Definitely Last Final Revision,” and “Absolutely Last Final Revision,” the project is packed with humor and vibrancy. The process recalls the work of MOMO and more recently, mapping projects.

“Playing with the idea of creating art to be viewed in the hyperreal domain, GIF-ITI is made via a laborious physical process involving numerous layers of painting and meticulous planning,” the project says. “Starting where most artwork ends, GIF-ITI entails photographing each layer the artist paints by hand. These images are then uploaded and overlaid to create the final piece, a looping GIF file which comes to live when released to global audiences online. Describe as: ‘…slices of infinite un-reality, cutting edge art for the tumblr generation.’”

See more of Insa’s work below.

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