Casey Weldon Shows New Body of Work in ‘Latent Content’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Casey Weldon‘s paintings, ever examining digital media, pop culture, and other contemporary themes, pack a new show at Thinkspace Projects. “Latent Content” offers a new body of work that the gallery says is “thematically darker than previous output.” The show begins on April 27 at the Culver City space. Weldon was last featured on here.

“In ‘Latent Content,’ Weldon continues to explore surreal hybrids, free associations, and unlikely amalgams, combining objects and creatures in symbolically valent ways,” Thinkspace says. “Playing with optical illusion and trompe-l’oeil techniques, Weldon creates new works that gradually reveal their initially invisible or latent layers, stirring just beneath the surface.”

See more works from the show below.

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