The Laser-Cut Paper Creations of Julia Ibbini

by Andy SmithPosted on

Julia Ibbini‘s laser-cut paper designs are inspired by differing cultures, geometry, and other, unexpected influences. The artist has a online exhibition that runs April 3 through May 3 with Jonathan Levine Projects. Ibbini says that the algorithm-driven aspects of her creations and contemporary sensibility “contrasts with traditional ornament and craftsmanship resulting in highly detailed, multi-faceted pieces.”

Jonathan Levine Projects explains her process. “Each work begins with a single line and a circle which are then are built into a digital unit. Once the drawings are complete, they are cut in numerous layers out of paper and mylar using a customized laser machine. The final work is finished entirely by hand with each part glued individually and juxtaposed against ink poured over mylar to create an intensity of contrast and color.”

See more of her work below.

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