Angela Glajcar’s Astonishing Sculptures Made from White Paper

by CaroPosted on

We might not think much of sheets of paper, something we see every day, strung together in our notebooks and journals. German sculptor Angela Glajcar sees something light and delicate, with the power to take us to another place. She has exhibited her paper-produced works and suspended sculptures all over the world, with her latest installation on view at Heitsch Gallery in Munich, Germany. Titled “Weiss Ist Das Neue Schwarz” (“White is the new black”), her new work plays with opposites- solid blocks of light paper that float freely in the gallery space. Glajcar often tears the paper to make an association with the jagged ridges and deep caves on glaciers or rock formations. Many pieces feature a vortex-like opening in the torn paper, like watercolor paper, revealing the layers of hundreds of sheets underneath. When lit, the paper’s torn edges create geometrical tunnels that seem to spiral endlessly into a deep white nothing.

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