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Lucila Biscione creates surreal scenes with paper, ink, and pencil, with lush backdrops and roaming creatures. The Buenos Aires-born, Berlin-based “papercut" artist primarily uses muted tones in the works shown here, adding to worlds that appear either ancient and lived-in—further underscoring their fairytale quality.
Oakland-based artist Gabriel Schama creates 3D work using techniques that allow him to play with rhythm and texture. He works with laser-cut wood in his monochromatic pieces and hand-cut, layered paper in his colorful ones. The resulting abstract compositions pulse with undulating, organic shapes and mandala-like structures. With their focus on pattern and geometry, his works are satisfying to look at yet tempting to touch because of their texture. For his next projects, Schama is experimenting with leather, plywood, and acrylics. Take a look at his recent work below.

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