Film Explores Automata of Thomas J. Kuntz

by Andy SmithPosted on

In the short film “Clockwork Monsters: The Art and Automata of Thomas J. Kuntz,” viewers garner insight into the multimedia artist known as a master of automata. The short, helmed by Ronni Thomas and designed by Vince Rose, lets us hear directly from Kuntz, who began his career designing scale model kits. Today his automata and sculptures carry horror and pop undertones. Kuntz was last featured on here. See the film below.

Kuntz offers a look into his daily life: “The first thing I do every day is I draw. And I don’t worry about, ‘Is this possible or not? Can I make this or not?’ I just do what I want to do and then switch into the mode of, ‘How can I make that happen?’ Sometimes it’s a case of, ‘I can’t make that happen. How can I make it appear to happen?’”

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