Erica Gray’s Striking Wearable Art

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Erica Gray’s wearable works, such as “Coral Cluster,” can appear as both monstrous and elegant. The artist has garnered several honors for her pieces, several within the World of WearableArt awards banner. She says her work in wearables shows her interest in “exotic materials, natural structures and incorporated 3D technologies.”

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CORAL CLUSTER photo credit: @worldofwearableart , on stage at the 2018 – 30th Anniversary World of WearableArt Awards Show Model: @csefo89 This piece was inspired by the natural aquatic environment and the creatures within. My interpretation of the complex structures, vivid colours and intricate patterning observed in a variety of marine creatures as well as a reference to man’s influence over his environment. A meshing as well as a symbolic representation of how coral and surrounding ecosystems, once autonomous must now cling to us in the hopes of maintaining their continued existence… #ericagrayartist #wearableart #headpiece #coral #seacreatures #fashionmask #wearables #design #wearablesculpture #coral #contemporaryart #coralreef

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“Erica is an artist, designer with an extensive working background within the fashion industry,” a statement says. “She has adapted her wealth of knowledge into producing an array of stitched, moulded and assembled pieces. Initially influenced by garment design and their construction processes, she now utilises similar principles as well as adapted 3D technologies to produce much of her new work.”

See more of her work below.

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