Liam Brandon Murray’s Hyper-Detailed, Wearable Sculptures

by Andy SmithPosted on

Liam Brandon Murray is a wearable sculpture artist who injects an alarming amount of detail into his pieces, which have been likened to cathedrals and cityscapes. The influences are plentiful: the presence of Roman architecture, steampunk style, futurism and technology, and Gothic themes are carried throughout. His designs have garnered multiple awards and nods from the World of Wearable Arts Awards in New Zealand.

A profile from the WOW Awards offers this on his process: “To make his pieces, he uses a mix of different formulas in what he calls ‘a cauldron’ – liquid foam for stretch, latex, stretchy fibres, and stretchy paints, among other things. Once it’s on the fabric, he injects the back so it seals and becomes watertight. Amazingly, on the precipice of being machine washable, and he’s even made a swimsuit.”

See more of his pieces below.

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