Beinart Show Surveys Artists Creating in Australia

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Ben Howe

In a new group show, Beinart Gallery offers a survey of artists working today in Australia. “Flow,” running through Dec. 22, includes sculpture, paintings, drawings, and more. “We are passionate about raising the profiles of artists based in Australia to an international stage through our worldwide network of collectors and enthusiasts,” the gallery adds.

Beau White

Isabel Peppard

Brian Cheung

Artists in the show include Shaun Tan, Julian Clavijo, Ben Howe, Matthew Quick, Lukifer Aurelius, Natalie Delaney John, Adipocere, Beau White, Joshua Smith, Mali Moir, Isabel Peppard, Sean Layh, Mahlimae, Sai-Wai Foo, Clare Toms, Erik Sherman, Stuart Amos, Brian Cheung, Annita Maslov, Tim Molloy, and Kim Evans.

Lukifer Aurelius


Annita Maslov

Shaun Tan

The gallery adds this on the show: “This exhibition is being held on the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nations and we wish to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners. We would also like to pay my respects to their Elders, past and present, and Aboriginal Elders of other communities.” See more works from the show below.

Mali Moir

Joshua Smith

Tim Molloy

Erik Sherman

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