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Ben Howe

In a new group show, Beinart Gallery offers a survey of artists working today in Australia. "Flow," running through Dec. 22, includes sculpture, paintings, drawings, and more. “We are passionate about raising the profiles of artists based in Australia to an international stage through our worldwide network of collectors and enthusiasts,” the gallery adds.

Lauren Marx

In a new group show at Beinart Gallery in Australia, nature's flora and fauna are explored. Courtney Brims, Lauren Marx, Crystal Morey and Thomas Jackson, each with his or her own distinctive approach and themes, contribute to “Botanical Bestiary,” which runs from Aug. 11 through Sept. 2 at the space. Much of the work is inspired by the terrain of Australia itself, from the native artists.
The bricolage sculptures of Stephen Ives are the focus of an upcoming retrospective at beinArt Gallery in Australia. His pieces, surreal blends of discarded objects, model kits, toys, and other materials, are often playfully militaristic. Even at their most humorous, each of these creations feels as though it has its own purpose.
Ben Howe’s arresting oil paintings offer hyperdetailed and eerie reflections on humanity. A new show at beinArt Gallery in Australia collects his newest paintings under the titled “Weave.” The new show tackles “themes of mortality, isolation, longing, melancholy and loss and sits somewhere between the physical constraints of reality and the anarchic realm of the subconscious.” Howe was last mentioned on here.

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