Arch Enemy Arts Group Show Celebrates Collage

by Andy SmithPosted on

John Vochatzer

A group show running at Arch Enemy Arts highlights artists either inspired by or directly working in collage. Running until Aug. 25, “Mélange” brings a diverse array of creators to the Philadelphia space. The show features Alex Eckman-Lawn, Angela Rio, David Krovblit, Dewey Saunders, Eduardo Recife, Jake Messing, John Vochatzer, Moon_Patrol, Pierre Schmidt, Vahge, and Visual Stones.

Jake Messing

Alex Eckman-Lawn

Angela Rio


The gallery describes the show as “inspired by the patchwork style of collage. The show spotlights the work of 11 artists, some through traditional collage, and others who have taken a collage-inspired aesthetic to different mediums, like oil paints, and sculpture.”

See more work from the show below.

Eduardo Recife

Dewey Saunders

Visual Stones

David Krovblit

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