Baptiste Hersoc’s Drawings Combine Disparate Elements

by Andy SmithPosted on

Baptiste Hersoc’s drawings and paintings merge unlikely objects and organic parts, with both humorous and ghastly results. The artist has both illustration and fine art practices, with book contributions, magazine projects, and regular collaborations. His “Introspection” series uses the human body as its theme.

“Since I was little, I spend my time thinking, imagining, dreaming,” the artist says. “Creating images allows me to exteriorize this poetic dimension that illuminates my daily life. I combine disparate objects to deliver unusual sensations. This linking by associations of ideas is the language of dreams. In this spirit, I draw dreamlike visions, fruits of my unconscious. By means of these stagings, I want to show the human psyche in the face of his adventure.”

See more of his work below.

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