The Distorted Paintings of Caroline Westerhout

by Andy SmithPosted on

Caroline Westerhout’s cerebral paintings are selective in rendering aspects of the body faithfully, otherwise distorting the female form and offering unexpected textures. Though this may bring disconcerting results, each of the works carry a vulnerable and honest quality.

“Her work also stresses the fact that a human being can only interpret the feelings of others,” a statement says, as translated. “He infers from expressions and compares to his or her feeling. One can try to see behind the skin of another, but will never really succeed. Caroline joins the ranks of other artists, such as Cindy Sherman, who remind us of our prejudicial views. Caroline Westerhout’s choice of theme is timeless and with her amazing technical ability her work has a timeless and universal appeal.”

See more of Westerhout’s work below.

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