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Kati Heck's wild paintings, sculptures, textile work, and photographs are featured in a new show at Tim Van Laere Gallery. "All my friends are wild" takes influence from philosopher Donna Haraway, who often explores concepts at the intersection of science and feminism. The show, running through July 6 in the massive space in Antwerp, collects both small and enormous works. Heck was last featured on here.
Germany-born artist Kati Heck crafts absorbing oil and watercolor paintings that use varying sources, whether literary or living models. At times, these surreal scenes utilize abstracted backdrops, at times adorned with text reminiscent of advertisements. Heck was last mentioned on here.
Belgium based artist Kati Heck paints expressions of the people in her life. Her figurative works undulate between realism and an absurd abstraction of the human form. Her style is considered a modern take on German Expressionism, where emotional reality is more important than the surface. Looking at her paintings feels like looking through the wavy surface of water or broken glass. Proportions are thrown out the window in favor of visual exploration. Heck’s upcoming show “Mann O Mann” at Tim Van Laere Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium consists of a new series of portraits, mostly of herself.

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