Amir H. Fallah’s Paintings Show Immigrants of Los Angeles Community

by Andy SmithPosted on

Amir H. Fallah‘s acrylic paintings are portraits of immigrants in Los Angeles, carrying vibrant, varying textures and obscured figures. His new show at Denny Gallery, “How Far We’ve Come,” collects the latest work in this ongoing series. The show runs through June 17 at the New York City space.

“He paints his subjects’ bodies surrounded by their possessions and domestic environs, while disguising their skin colors and features,” a statement says. “Fallah’s work is of analogously global ancestry, influenced by the pattern and detail of Persian miniatures, the portrayals of class and domestic life of 17th century Dutch art, and the brashness and saturation of American visual culture. He often uses shaped canvases, referring to portraits in various contexts, such as a locket or stained glass.”

See more work from the show below.

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