Roman Ermakov’s Vibrant ‘Live Sculptures’

by Andy SmithPosted on

The “live sculptures” of Roman Ermakov combine fashion, fine art, and installation work, each offering an energy and vibrancy powered by the humans bearing his works. These creations from the Moscow-based artist enliven both the runaway and public spaces. His recent work, as shown, takes influence from the costume parties of Germany’s Bauhaus school in the 1920s, where these artists’ radical ideas in architecture and sculpture were also channeled.

“In my work my aim is to achieve a harmony of the space through my sculptures or performances,” the artist says. “A human being is taking an important place in my work. By making a series of architectural costumes ‘Live Sculptures’ I am observing the changing of the form because of the human being body movements. And the factor of mobility is starting to play one of the main roles. The observing of the moving sculpture in the space opens new composition opportunities.”

See more of Ermakov’s recent work below.

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