Tae Lee’s Celestial ‘Holy Oblivion’ Series

by Andy SmithPosted on

Despite their expansive celestial backdrops, Tae Lee‘s acrylic paintings can feel quiet and intimate. The tethering of these otherworldly forms and figurative subjects show an artist traversing internal and spiritual topics. The artist describes his work as an “exploration of place of human consciousness in an universal causality.”

A statement offers more clarity: “Finding patterns in ancient investigations of consciousness of the Buddhist sort, to the New Age American psychedelic movement in the ’60s and ’70s, I am striving to connect the blips of various epiphanies the world provided,” the artist says. “Painting as a process gives me the time to focus on this contemplation, not only in an opportune sense, but the act of manifesting itself seems conducive to capturing clues from the Universe.”

See more of Tae’s work below.

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