Aof Smith’s Candy-Colored, Pop-Surrealist Scenes

by Andy SmithPosted on

Bangkok-based artist Aof Smith is known for his candy-colored, Pop-Surrealist scenes, cacophonies of his distinct cutesy characters and unsettling action. Smith’s massive paintings contain even stranger details upon inspection. His figures often stand in contrast, with humans offering an odd point of entry in these wild narratives.

“Aof Smith maintains the dream-scape of the surrealists and the celebration of the shallow world often associated to pop art,” a statement says. “Having developed his own style, Aof Smith personal sense of colours brings forward vivid and full-flavoured visuals that add dimensions and volume to the layers of characters in his works. In this exhibition, not only does Aof Smith spare no techniques, he also uses special colours to add further depths to his fantasy world.”

See more of Smith’s work below.

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