The Recent Acrylic Paintings of Trey Abdella

by Andy SmithPosted on

Trey Abdella’s paintings are all acrylic, despite being tapestries of visual and pop influences for the artist. The artist’s abilities in realism, graphical art, and glitch-style flourishes create works that resemble collages. Abdella was last featured on here.

“In my work I try to compress all my experiences and interests onto the canvas,” the artist has said. “Casinos, parties, the backseat of Uncle Sticky’s limo and other over the top hotspots are explored and inhabited by a cast of characters from some of my favorite movies, cartoons, and internet memes. These characters are often lost in the moment, and too caught up in their own lives to notice the viewer watching them. My paintings are kind of assemblages of everything I like into cohesive scenes where cartoons are real and reality is distorted.”

See more of his recent paintings below.

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