Skinner’s Necronomicon and Junko Mizuno’s Triad Pop-Up Books Now in Our Store

by Andy SmithPosted on

We’ve just added two special items in the Hi-Fructose store and a special bundle where you can get both books at once and we cover the priority shipping. Both are fantastic and unique books; filled with pop-up surprises on each spread, bringing each artist’s work to life in new unexpected ways. Plus, the Skinner’s Necronomicon book comes signed on the inside in paint by the artist! Junko Mizuno’s book can be ordered here, Skinner’s book here, and you can order a bundle of the pair here.

The Necronomicon Pop-Up Book contains five pop-up spreads, each of which illustrates key moments in seminal H.P. Lovecraft stories: “The Dunwich Horror,” “The Shadow Out of Time,” “The Call of Cthulhu,” “At The Mountains of Madness,” and “The Colour Out of Space.”

Each spread is 11″ x 17″ when opened and includes two pull tabs with text from the original stories. The book has front and rear endleaves, a magnetic latch, is illustrated by Skinner and designed/produced by Poposition Press.

All the Necronomicon books in our store have been signed in paint by Skinner!

The Earth Dweller Edition is the normal edition of The Necronomicon Pop-Up Book and is signed in paint on the inside.

TRIAD by Junko Mizuno
Triad features three-dimensional versions of artist Junko Mizuno’s incredible style in an amazing limited edition art pop up book. In Triad, the world of Junko’s three favorite characters: The Nurse, The Witch and The Wrestler comes alive in the third release from Poposition Press.

The standard edition of Triad includes five pop-up spreads: Ocean, Serpent, Triptych, Mansion and Tree.

Poposition makes the best pop-up books. You have never seen pop-up books like these. Look out!

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