Carol Prusa’s New, Celestial Drawings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Carol Prusa crafts worlds and celestial bodies in her new work, using silverpoint, graphite, and other materials on acrylic. A new show at Bluerider Art in Taipei City, aptly titled “Silverpoint Drawing,” collects her new work. The show runs through July 7.

“Prusa investigates the space between known and unknowable, dissolution and coalescence, using geometry, intricacy and emergent forms to express what it feels like to be alive,” a recent statement says. “(This new series) was inspired by experiencing totality as the moon eclipsed the sun, expressing being caught between day and night. Her worlds, created from erotically charged geometries, distil accounts of the chaotic interactions central to the formation of the universe. (Her) new work brings out the power of dark energy and evolves with new aesthetics.”

See some of her prior work to this show below.

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