The Absorbing Drawings of Futaro Mitsuki

by Andy SmithPosted on

Futaro Mitsuki‘s hyperdetailed drawings use pointillism and mythology to craft absorbing scenes. The Tokyo-born artist crafts works that infuse a broader art history with traditional Japanese iconography. With works like 2017’s “Monna Lisa,” that infusion is both startling and most present.

Much of the artist’s work blends ink, acrylics, and pencil. “Futaro Mitsuki expresses the excitement and sensation of when an imaginary human in gorgeous costume encounters items from other cultures and other times,” Gallery Korgue says. “From that, the costume as the forms of portraits, sometimes like a slow motion, and sometimes as a dubious portrait. His expression of the Japanese kimonos he loves the most is overwhelming. The pointillistic paintings he carefully creates dot by dot, taking hours of time to gather viewers from different culture in today’s world in front of his work.”

See more of the artist’s work below.

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