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Máximo Riera, a Spanish artist, creates pieces of furniture that pay homage to the natural world. An example of this is seen in his lifesized, fully detailed versions of rhinos, frogs, walruses, bison, and more are made to order, taking a total of 480 hours for each piece. The animal and chair portion are created from polyurethane, while the seats come in leather with a steel internal frame. The artist has also made furniture from millenarian olive tree wood, along with geometric, metallic framing that presents a mix of the organic and the contemporary. The nature of the material makes each of these unique. The artist was last mentioned on here.
What do you get when you cross a roller coaster with a picnic table? Probably something that resembles Michael Beitz's imaginative takes on the furniture we encounter on a daily basis. Beitz turns mundane objects into innovative sculptural forms that are at once artistic and functional. He flips the script on how to build desks, tables, benches, and couches -- twisting their shapes, turning them into curly cues, or making them bend, stretch, and melt in unexpected ways. His work always has a sense of humor and inspires viewers to become curious about their everyday surroundings.

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