The Recent Murals of Aryz

by Andy SmithPosted on

In Aryz’s recent, enormous murals, the painter is able to emulate the loose traits of a pencil or crayon sketch. The effect is deceptively simple, with the artist’s broad strokes and figurative decisions creating a kinetic and striking final product. The artist was previously featured here, showcasing a style that varies from his current approach.

On the below project in Tokyo, the artist says this: “Back in the 90’s my father used to go pretty often to Japan for work. He always came back home with such incredible gifts and food…ever since I was a kid Japan has been on top of my destination list, but I’ve never really found time to visit.
This has been an amazing opportunity to visit Japan and leave a part of myself in the landscape of Shinagawa.”

See more of his recent works below. He can be found on the web here.

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