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He rose to fame as a fabulous illusionist of rock – ever changing, always outrageous and more bizarre by the moment. David Bowie made art out of life, from his music to his clothes, and he was a champion of fashion designers both world famous and relatively unknown. Fashion shaped the style chameleon’s belief in the importance of clothes to a performance. One of his most prolific collaborators was Kansai Yamamoto, whose designs are part of the traveling exhibition, ‘David Bowie is’, now on its last stop at the Brooklyn Museum in New York.
Calling it highly anticipated would be an understatement: even the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago's website has a timer counting down the seconds until the US debut of David Bowie's first museum retrospective, "David Bowie Is," on September 23. The genre-defying artist has not only left a major mark on pop music, but the worlds of fashion, art, theater and design as well. The gigantic exhibition will pay homage to Bowie with immersive, multi-sensory installations, objects from Bowie's life, his notebooks (where many lyrics were scrawled), photography, as well as elaborate costumes from his most prominent tours. Organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the exhibition will offer a glimpse of five decades of David Bowie as a cultural phenomenon.

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