Beau White’s Creepy-Crawly New Oil Paintings

by Andy SmithPosted on

Just in time for Halloween, the new oil paintings of Beau White are as unsettling as they are absorbing. For this set, the Melbourne-based artist adds new layers to his work by integrating food and sweets alongside his gruesome faces. In a new group show at BeinArt Gallery in Australia, titled “Memento Mori, Memento Amare,” his latest work is collected. Isbael Peppard and Jonathan Guthmann also have pieces in the show.

The gallery says that though White began as an illustrator, his “true passion lay in the creation of his own strikingly vivid paintings. Nightmarish imagery, absurdism and the grotesque are common threads throughout Beauʼs work.”

The artist’s work has been seen in galleries in Melbourne, Los Angeles, New York City, and beyond, as he’s a member of the larger BeinArt Collective. He was last mentioned on here. See more of that recent work below.

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